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Salesforce Solutions: How to Access Live Trace in Titan?

Are there any Prerequisites?

Yes! You need a registered Titan account with the Live Trace feature active to capture your Live Trace integration logs.

This guide will focus solely on Live Trace integrations. Click here if you would like to read up on how to access the other types of Titan integration logs.

What steps should I follow?

Follow the steps and screenshots below to easily access the Live Trace logs on the Titan dashboard.

Click on the Settings button and the Logs tab in your Titan dashboard. You will find the Live Trace feature in the left menu and notice that your Live Trace feature is not enabled.

Live Trace
Live Trace

Click the Enable button to start the Live Trace feature on one of your Titan projects.

Enable button
Enable Button

Once the Enable button has been clicked, you will have access to the Disable button to cancel the Live Trace feature. This feature will remain active for 4 hours and automatically stop after this period. The details for Date Start and Date End are also provided below.

Disable button
Disable Button

Click on the Export icon to download your Live Trace integration log.

Export Icon
Export Icon

Link your Titan account with Google on the Export Live Trace notification box by clicking on the Authenticate Google button and following the instructions.

You will then be able to fill in the Prefix and Directory fields to automatically create folders in Google Drive to archive your Live Trace data.

Click on the Export button to retrieve your Live Trace data.

Export Live Trace Notification Box
Export Live Trace Notification Box

The exported spreadsheet can be found in your Google Drive account and will contain all the data collected from a customer interacting with your chosen Titan project for the 4 hours Live Trace was enabled.

For a complete breakdown of the meaning of each column in the Live Trace spreadsheet, read our Live Trace Support page.

Live Trace Spreadsheet
Live Trace Spreadsheet

Titan’s Takeaway for Salesforce Solutions

Titan allows you to monitor all your API calls with our Live Trace feature. Additionally, use the Live Trace feature to debug your projects or analyze customer data thoroughly.

Take some time and explore Titan in detail by checking us out below. We are just a click away:

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