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Salesforce Solutions: Update Email Preferences in Titan?

Are there any Prerequisites?

To update your email preferences in your dashboard from anywhere worldwide, you would need a registered Titan DXP account.

What steps should I follow?

The steps are not complicated and are configured with a simple click. Follow the steps below to configure your email preferences:

Logon to your Titan dashboard and click on the My Account and Profile tabs:

Account Profile
Account Profile

Navigate to the Email Preferences container where we have two options that can be configured:

light blue tick item
Email me Titan news, updates, and tips.
light blue tick item
Email me every time my account is logged into.

Check the Email me Titan news, updates, and tips checkbox if you want to receive advice from Titan as per the details stated or uncheck the checkbox as per the below image to not receive communication from Titan regarding tips or updates.

Email Preferences
Email Preferences

The second email preference, Email me every time my account is logged into, is significant from a security point of view, so please read carefully before deciding to check or uncheck this checkbox.

You can protect your Titan account by ensuring the Email me every time my account is logged into checkbox is checked. Each time your account is logged in, you will be notified via the email address found in your Basic Info container. The notification email will contain details regarding account login activity.

Notification Email
Notification Email

In the unfortunate event of a hacked account, the details sent to your email address will help us investigate the location of the logged-in account and allow us to take necessary action to block the account.

Account Login Notification Config
Account Login Notification Config

Titan is passionate about security so here are two simple key factors to keep in mind to ensure your account is not banned:

Do not share accounts!
Do not share passwords!

Titan’s Takeaway for Salesforce Solutions

Configuring your email preferences to receive or not receive emails from Titan is fast with one simple click! If you want to see and hear more about this process, make sure to watch the demo on Youtube here: Dashboard: Email Preferences

Take some time and explore Titan in detail by checking us out below. We are just a click away:

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