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Salesforce Financial Services Cloud: Wealth & Asset Management

Would you like to ensure that your clients are confident and happy with their financial plans? One of the ways to keep clients self-assured is to give them faster and more direct access to their advisors. Eliminate their concerns on serious monetary topics such as urgent financial advice, decisions for budgets or investments, and retirement planning.

Titan can help you focus on elevating your customer experience by digitally transforming your business for greater success. A by-product of launching your services online will allow your business to reach a wider audience. Create new global strategies and provide financial solutions in the latest digital ways to turn your online visitors into leads.

Are you interested in upgrading your digital presence? Keep reading as we share a triumphant use case from a Wealth Management firm that used Titan to switch their manual forms to digital ones and create a custom website for their business needs. 

The Financial Services Business Modernizing Client Experiences

A Wealth Management firm specializing in financial services and solutions has a powerful presence in its city with affluent members.

Due to their value and business success, the wealth management firm knew they could grow further and target new global audiences.

Manual Forms
Manual Forms

“As much as we want to extend our financial services, many of our business processes are manual or in-person and would need to evolve if the firm wanted international clients.”

Wealth Manager

After many meetings, the Consultants requested that the Wealth Management firm transform all data-capturing forms within the company to digital ones and create a state-of-the-art website to service existing clients.

The Executives at the Wealth Management firm unanimously agreed to these web projects and found the solutions viable to attract new clients from global markets.

Bring on the Salesforce Requirements. Titan Brings the Solutions

Let’s make the Best Web Forms

Turning to Titan for assistance with their web projects, the Wealth Management firm provided a list of requirements to implement in their web forms:d

light blue tick item
Digital forms that advisors can send to clients for completion.
light blue tick item
100% Salesforce integration to ensure data is pre-filled in the web form before sending it to clients.
light blue tick item
Our advisers must select the relevant sections they need from Salesforce to include in the web forms.
light blue tick item
The web forms need to be on the website and be presented dynamically according to the criterions on the client’s account. The client will only see forms that are relevant to them.
light blue tick item
The Wealth Management firm wants a multi-page design option guided path, vertical or horizontal web form to make navigation as easy as possible for the client.
light blue tick item
The fields on the web form should be identifiable.
light blue tick item
The fields should be validated and presented dynamically such as data type, mandatory, show/hide, or any other criteria.
light blue tick item
The web form needs to let clients update their information where necessary.
light blue tick item
The web forms need a save and continue feature to complete the form later.
light blue tick item
Before updating in Salesforce, all data on a web form must be staged for a client’s or advisor’s approval.
light blue tick item
A completed form must push data to any field in Salesforce.
light blue tick item
The Wealth Management firm wants to sign documents digitally.
light blue tick item
Tasks need to be triggered based on an existing workflow.
New Website
New Website

Treat Customers to a Brand New Website

Additionally, the Insurance Advisor also sent a list of requirements to implement for the Wealth Management firm’s website:

light blue tick item
The website needs to be a web application with a menu to include a client’s Personal Information, Assets, Liabilities, Income & Expenses, and Goals tabs.
light blue tick item
A client needs to be able to request or book a meeting with an advisor on the website.
light blue tick item
The new web forms need to exist on the website.
light blue tick item
The website must display tasks that are assigned to the client.
light blue tick item
The website needs a document vault.
light blue tick item
The Wealth Management firm needs an intuitive dashboard to view and display Salesforce reports.

“Our clients must be able to contact us via email or a simple tag on the channel feed through the website. We need easy methods for our valuable customers to connect with us.“

Private Wealth Advisor

Enjoying Titan’s High Salesforce Rewards

Choose how to Display your Web Forms

Titan rapidly created custom multi-page digital forms for the Wealth Management firm that exist directly on the advanced website. In these intuitive web forms, clients can view their details and assets pulled directly from Salesforce in real time. Additionally, clients can review their details at any time and decide to update them if needed.

Intelligent Workflows? That’s kind of our thing!

“Our clients mention how they now benefit from adding new details and signing web forms independently and conveniently to confirm data edits or entries through our website.”

Wealth Planner

How this works is that after a client digitally signs a web form, a document is generated automatically, and all data is pushed to Titan submission. Simultaneously, Titan sends an email to the Financial Advisor at the Wealth Management firm to review the client’s changes or additions to the web form.

The Financial Advisor will need to view the updates highlighted in red for easy identification and then choose to approve or reject the changes.

TItan Forms Icon
When the Financial Advisor rejects changes to a web form, an email will be distributed automatically to the client to notify them that changes have not been approved.
TItan Forms Icon
Alternatively, when the Financial Advisor approves the web form changes, the data is pushed to Salesforce immediately to update any relevant records.
Online Business Communication
Online Business Communication

Time to take your Business Online?

Titan created a modern website for the Wealth Management firm that consists of two pages:

salesforce pink tick
Home Page
salesforce pink tick
Details Page

Stunning Aesthetics

The welcoming Home page on the website is the landing page for visitors or clients and has successfully helped display the Wealth Management firm’s brand by showcasing its custom logo, fonts, and color palettes.

The Details page is accessed by logging in to the website and displays all client information related to their investments, loans, or financial solutions.

There are a few engaging elements on each page which include:

salesforce pink tick
Power Tables
salesforce pink tick
Web Forms
salesforce pink tick
Text Elements
salesforce pink tick
salesforce pink tick
Pie Charts
salesforce pink tick

The Wealth Management firm was highly impressed by the website layout thanks to the Drawers feature available on Titan. The custom Drawers feature in Titan Web is obtained and can be implemented with absolutely no code! 

Intuitive Containers

Titan configured the website to contain two custom drawers, one for each web page. Default drawers are available with Titan, but the website needed custom drawers relevant to the different layouts of each web page.

For example, the Home Page needs a bigger drawer to house the account name, the menu items, and the client’s total balance. In contrast, the drawer on the Details page needs to be smaller to fit better with the layout on the page. 

Titan’s drawers open and close dynamically according to the redirection a client chooses on the website!

For example, if a visitor directs to the Details page from the Home page, the drawer on the Home page will hide. At the same time, when a visitor is on the Home page, the drawer on the Details page will remain hidden.

This functionality can all be configured with actions by the admin. Closing and opening drawers via redirection are super simple and code-free with Titan!

Salesforce-Focused Features

“The most exciting part of the website is how it dynamically pulls data from Salesforce in real time.”

Senior Financial Advisor

Whenever a visitor logs into the website, SmartV activates and authenticates the user via email and Titan’s 2-FA mechanism for the utmost security. Additionally, Titan has mapped the Salesforce contact ID to a client’s login details so that information is brought from Salesforce immediately.

Online Security
Online Security

Effortless functionality is available with Titan’s GET action! 

Titan helped the Wealth Management firm to bring all their client data directly from Salesforce and map them to the web form on the website’s Home page. The details are now available to clients for easy access and include data on the following:

salesforce pink tick
salesforce pink tick
salesforce pink tick
salesforce pink tick

Similarly, all the data and documents needed for the website’s pie charts, graphs, other forms, and power tables are mapped to Salesforce objects so they can be pulled and displayed to clients professionally.

No Lagging!

All Salesforce data on the Details page for the power tables are configured to load in parallel to the Home page loads so that the entire website can work faster for clients.

Salesforce for Financial Services: Consider an Online Presence!

Titan surpassed all the requirements of the Wealth Management firm and if you need to know every detail, ensure to get in touch with us. However, in a nutshell, Titan helped the firm take its enterprise online while maintaining its unique brand.

Existing clients can log in to the website and immediately access all their policies and balances to rest assured of their financial strategies. Clients no longer need to request a meeting with their Financial Advisors to obtain their portfolios but can also book appointments through web forms if they need.

Financial Advisors can now help more clients daily as the in-person meetings are now reserved for appointments that need in-depth explaining. Additionally, reviewing contracts and policies is a breeze, and staff members can skip long trips to visit clients for a simple signature.

Additionally, workflows have been streamlined for staff, and the Wealth Management firm now has processes to connect and support global clients.

*All organizational names and titles used in this article are purely fictional and if they happen to occur in real life it would be completely by coincidence.

Salesforce Solutions, SORTED!

Can you relate to this financial service company’s use case? Is it time for your business to upgrade to automated workflows with Salesforce and extend its online presence? 

Launched in Israel, Titan is a powerful Salesforce-focused platform that can provide your business with effortless functionality for all your web projects. Contact us today on our social media channels below to schedule a demo. We hope to see you soon!

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