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K-12 Salesforce Education Cloud: Titan Boosts Student Success

Innovation with Salesforce Education Cloud

Middle school is a key transition point in a student’s educational career, where they face new rules, expectations, and people.

To build meaningful student engagement and ensure that every student has access to the best education regardless of circumstance, Salesforce Education Cloud for K-12 was born.

With the Education Cloud innovations for K-12, schools can now support educators, students, parents, and school districts.

The Student Success Hub is here to make the leap from Kindergarten to Elementary to Middle to High school as smoothly as possible.

Scroll down to learn how a Middle School in Alaska made use of this data-driven tool, allowing them to create custom alerts and automatic follow-up tasks through out-of-the-box features without any code. 

Salesforce Education Cloud Powered K-12 Schools

In anticipation of School closures during one of the worst snow storms in history, this middle school in Anchorage, Alaska, had to assess what it would need to do to maintain continuity of learning. At the same time, students and educators were stuck at home.

The challenge was that lesson plans and timetables would have to be adjusted for an online environment, and educators would need to integrate new tools into their delivery of teaching.

Most importantly, students would have to adapt to a whole new school day, and the educators had to make sure they had the opportunity to succeed personally and academically.

To get ahead, the School had to meet its student’s needs by extending its technology to enable its staff to efficiently deliver the best possible services. 

Thus, addressing online learning issues took on heightened importance for the principal and educators in this Middle School.

The Elementary School needed to provide new and existing parents with an automated admissions process making it easier for parents to apply online.

It was also essential for the Admissions Manager to find a way to move forward with reliable, real-time data that could be easily updated and shared directly in Salesforce.

Student Success is our Business

Drag-and-Drop Experiences in Salesforce Education Cloud

The Education Cloud provides the School with a 360-degree view of each student – in other words, all interactions with a student are captured so that educators and parents can track and monitor student progress.

To achieve these goals, the Middle School enlisted Titan, who offered solutions that work seamlessly with Education Cloud. to plan and implement their Student Success Hub.

With our drag-and-drop conditional logic in Titan, the admissions team can identify new or returning students and customize their admissions and enrollment process. They can create and update Salesforce records with pre-filled data in a flash.

Parents can submit applications quickly, which helps the admissions team confirm a student’s placement much faster. Once a parent submits their application, the data is instantly sent to one of the admissions officers’ emails. From there, the admissions officer can download and process it.

We Innovate the Online Teaching

This digital transformation increased engagement between educators and students by:

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facilitating easy communication between students and educators.
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allowing educators to spend less time on manual processes and more time interacting online with students.
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the Student Success Hub offers support and resources in one easy, central place.

Because student data is centralized into one system, Salesforce reports and dashboards can be used to view students’ test and assignment marks.

‘’With each implementation, we saw the value of deploying Education Cloud for K-12, together with Titan Web, we could deliver what was needed on time and under budget.”

Forging ahead with Titan Web.


Since Education Cloud is student, teacher, and family-centric, Salesforce is always endeavoring to enhance its features and to offer schools new innovations to provide excellent student support, automate processes, and boost faculty productivity.

Let us take a look at two cool features that are to be perfected and released in 2023:

  • Data Mover: Easily bring external data into the Education Data Architecture (EDA) and Student Success Hub with ready-to-use importing, custom mapping, and duplication prevention logic.
  • Guidance Center: Admins get onboarding support with step-by-step instructions and resources to set up Student Success Hub quickly and easily.

*Information sourced online

‘’By monitoring progress in all areas of a student’s success, we are able to more successfully get an understanding of all our students.’’

Titan all the way for your Solution needs.


Titan Aims for Salesforce Education Cloud Excellence

Before adopting Titan Web as their web portal solution and integrating it into the Salesforce platform, the School was also handling data manually; the resulting work was time-consuming and burdensome.

The Future’s Bright, the Future’s Titan.

How did Titan help this Middle School achieve success with its online classes?

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The Principal could enable a more complete teaching and learning environment and implement staff training at no extra cost.
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Educators can now see all the information relating to students’ information in a single view and have the ability to enter and track notes and tasks and create action items and student checklists.
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Students found it easier to attend online classes without being bogged down with too much work.
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Parents got visibility into the progress of the student during their online lessons.
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Consistency in data integrity.
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Facilitating easy communication between students, educators, and parents.
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Students have the opportunity to share their views by using Titan Survey with templates to create surveys in minutes.
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Easily create digital work processes between students and educators in order to do more in less time.
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Share bi-directional documents with the ability to push and pull real-time data directly from your team’s Salesforce databases.
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Deploy custom web pages and digital experiences that are user-friendly and easily accessible to students and educators.
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Easily manage student success through seamless digital workflows.

With Titan, this Middle School could design, deploy, and measure custom web applications directly from Salesforce using Titan’s drag-and-drop web page builder.

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Let us work together to improve student success in class or online.

We’ve got more to come!

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