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Titan’s No Code Salesforce Web Apps for Freight Transportation

The Right Freight Transportation Salesforce Solution for You

A reliable transportation company makes an effort to ensure customer satisfaction.

Over the years, transportation providers connected with customers using phone calls, meetings, and emails however digital technologies have made a significant impact on this process. 

Today, through Titan’s integration with Salesforce, shippers have visibility and access to important information concerning their freight’s journey. 

Let us explore how our clients in the Freight Transport industry transform their customer experience using Titan Web combined with the power of Salesforce.

Behind the Scenes: Salesforce for Logistic & Transportation Companies

Shipments are Ready to GO!

Titan’s Customer Success team went behind the scenes with our clients in the freight industry, to discuss and solve the many issues they were facing when it came to their shipments.

Listed below are some of the issues and challenges they had:

Most often in the freight transportation industry, there are employees who work in different teams and departments, there is always a chance that documentation gets misplaced or lost in the mountains of paperwork a sales administrator has on their worktable.
The customer found that they were not able to track and monitor shipments.
Responses to tracking shipment or return requests were slow, and it often took many back-and-forth emails to get through to support services. After packages were shipped, tracking shipments or even trying to return the shipment was nearly impossible.
Without proper access to both customer and service information and easier escalations between teams, customer support staff increased the number of hours spent handling cases failing to provide a faster resolution for customers.

Moving your freight shipments with Titan the platform made for Salesforce helps your business avoid many of the challenges that accompany the freight transport process. 

Powerful Salesforce Web App: Titan Web in Action

The Titan platform has everything a company needs in order to build the perfect freight transportation portal, allowing their teams to share and create forms with anyone inside or outside of their business without writing a line of code.

Thanks to its integration with Salesforce, any information captured on the web portal now feeds directly from Salesforce in real-time. The implementation of the web portal has connected our client’s teams and empowered them to respond in a more consistent and effective way.

How does our robust web portal transform the digital customer experience in the freight transportation industry?

A Salesforce No Code Platform for Freight Transportation

Freight Transportation Portal

Let us review the components that make up an interactive web portal.

Create a Shipment

Note: Only registered users can Create a Shipment.

With just a few clicks log in and follow the prompts.

Once logged in, an Online Quotation form opens, and fields such as origin, country, and destination country, are to be filled in, next, you are given the option to add the weight range, package range (amount of packages being shipped), and ship-by information and how the packages are being shipped.

On completion of the form, you will be provided with a quotation amount for the shipment, if you are satisfied with the amount, go ahead and Create a Shipment.

Once a shipment has been created, the form goes directly to Salesforce, meaning the company has the information they need to process the shipment.

Track and monitor and access submissions directly from the interface of the portal.

View by tracking

Titan for Salesforce

From customer service to shipping and delivery, these are some of the items that influence the customer experience. An important factor is a provision for shipment tracking.

To make the shipment tracking process easier for customers, the View by Tracking feature is available on the portal.

All you need is the tracking number, to search for shipment details. You will have full access to the record in Salesforce, for a holistic view of the shipment details.

Go ahead and view the information on a map bringing live data based on Salesforce records. It displays the route of the shipment: the destination of where the shipment started, the current destination, the next destination, and when it will be at its final destination.

All data is fully integrated with Salesforce, making it easy to track shipments.

Important to note that View by Tracking is available to all users.


Having a simple returns process is important to customers.

Click on the Returns tab and view all the shipment data, allowing you to return a package.

Select the package you want to be returned, and register the return by adding the return reason, and there you go, as easy as that.

All the shipment data is directly synced to Salesforce, with all supporting documents as required pushed to Salesforce in-real time – providing a great way to make the returns process effortless.

Important to note that the Returns feature is available to only registered users.

Shipping made easy with Titan

Rate your Shipment

By capturing customer feedback, you’ll be able to benchmark customer satisfaction and identify problem areas.

Prompt customers immediately for feedback, without leaving the page, and easily ask customers feedback questions relative to their service or delivery experience.

For example, the web portal is also mobile responsive in that customer support staff can retrieve data at the click of a button giving better service to customers and resolving issues faster.

Important to note that the Rate your Shipment is available to only registered users.

Customer Surveys

A useful method for listening to your customers, is to understand if they’re happy or not with the services they received, is Customer Surveys.

So, it’s no wonder our customer surveys are designed to ensure that your customers are happy.

You can go ahead and trigger a customer survey, asking your customer questions such as how you can make their customer experience better; the progress bar on the right-hand side of the page displays the percentage of completion of survey questions before they submit.

That’s how we can help your business operations run more smoothly and efficiently.

Important to note that Customer Surveys are available only to registered users.

Titan gives you Real-Time Transparency at every stage of the Shipping Journey in Salesforce

On a final note, we can say that Titan has the advantage in that it is a powerful no-code digital experience for Salesforce – create custom docs, forms, portals, apps, e-signatures, and surveys with Titan’s full-suite of enterprise applications designed to integrate seamlessly with Salesforce data across your entire organization.

Watch the video to learn how you can use Titan to streamline your business processes with the ability to push and pull real-time data directly from your team’s Salesforce databases.

You can reach out by visiting:

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