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Transforming the Fertility Industry through the
Health Cloud

Nothing can make you feel alone or stressed out than trying to conceive. Even when conceiving may seem hopeless, miracles do happen.

It can take a while. Relax. Be Patient. Do not Give Up.

Today, there are various Fertility Clinics globally to support couples on their path to parenthood.

If IVF is the best option for some couples, Fertility Clinics will assist them down this path with the least stress possible.

We share how Titan is making strides in the Health Care industry to personalize and support the fertility journey with our tailor-made no-code digital solutions.

Break Down the Silos with Digitial Automation in the Health Cloud

Like many other healthcare facilities, the Fertility Clinic manages many of its patient’s data through email or over the phone with doctors and service providers.

Some of the Clinics’ patients had apprehensions about sharing confidential information in the cloud, especially when data privacy laws are to be adhered to. The Fertility Clinic takes patient privacy very seriously.

Healthcare in the Cloud

This information included:

  • Patient and Spouse’s name
  • Patient and Spouse’s date of birth
  • Patient and Spouse’s place of birth 
  • National Health Security number
  • Ovary Measurements
  • Number of embryos transferred in treatment 

Using paper forms to document information collected from patients often led to the Clinic receiving incomplete data forms and missing info, posing a risk for HIPAA violations.

Therefore, the Clinic found that it was essential to have effective solutions to drive secure cloud and digital engagement.

Digital Healthcare

The Fertility Clinic approached a global digital transformation Consultant that provides software development and product innovation services to help them protect patient privacy and to ensure that the information is only used for the purposes that the patient intends.

The challenge for the Consultant was identifying a patient-centric yet secure way to obtain consent via electronic signatures.

The Consultant sought assistance from Titan. They wanted Titan Doc and Titan Sign to be integrated into the Clinics Salesforce platform to generate documents from Salesforce and send them for digital signature.

Health Care Industry Requirements in Salesforce

In order to improve the patient experience, go paperless, and reduce the risk of non-compliance, the Consultant sent through a list of requirements received from the Fertility Clinic.

The Fertility Clinic had several hurdles to clear, which included:

Generate documents that enable patients to provide all documentation digitally—consent forms included before their appointment.
The Clinic needed to supply the highest level of security. The Smart V authentication feature had to be enabled.
Implementing a digital workflow that was HIPAA-compliant and remained compliant by also capturing electronic signatures and tracking consent for each patient.
Once the first form is generated, it should automatically populate fields with data from the Salesforce custom record.
When they submit the form online, the information must be automatically uploaded into Salesforce, and the required consent is generated for signature.
The consent form must accommodate at least three signatures, the patient, spouse, and witness.
Users have a single, easy-to-use interface to complete, sign, or print the consent form.
Automatically route patients’ data to the necessary physicians and service providers.

Getting patients to complete the necessary forms and provide their consent for the treatment online helps keep the Fertility Clinic prepared for appointments and provides its patients with a positive experience.

An end-to-end solution had to be designed to efficiently collect, verify, store, and report on patients’ personal health information compliance status to help the Clinic meet federal regulations.

HIPPA compliant

Titan Personalizes the Journey toward Parenthood in the Health Cloud

The Titan team then worked directly with the Consultant to build an effective workflow based on how the team uses Salesforce at the Fertility Clinic.

Titan created a Follicle Tracking Ultrasound Request form which is prefilled with the patient’s information pulled from a custom object in Salesforce.

When the Stenographer has to perform an ultrasound request process, they can quickly fill out web forms and submit them. A consent form is generated on submission and sent to the patient to apply their signature to the form. 

A few simple steps are all it takes:

Step 1

light blue tick item
The Stenographer attending to the patient is sent a link, logs in with Smart V, and enters the patient’s medical information on the Follicle Tracking Ultrasound Request form.
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When the Stenographer completes filling in the form, they will click on the submit button. (the user can open the form from Consent records in Salesforce in real-time when required.)

Step 2

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On submission, Titan Sign will bring up an IVF Principal Consent form automatically generated from the completed Follicle Tracking Ultrasound Request form.
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All the data from the Follicle Tracking Ultrasound Request form is sent directly into Salesforce.
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The generated IVF Principal Consent form consists of all the information pulled from the Follicle Tracking Ultrasound Request form and is ready for the patient and their spouse’s signatures.
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The patient receives the link where they can quickly and easily fill out forms, provide eSignatures, and submit documents via an intuitive interface without the need to show up at the Clinic.
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The patient, spouse, and witness will electronically sign the Consent within Titan Sign and push the document to Salesforce with a single click in minutes.
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All the documents are then pushed to Salesforce, where they are saved securely as records.

An effortless task, allowing the Stenographer and patients to complete forms quickly, digitally, and remotely.

Titan Reduces Turnaround Times in Health Care with Salesforce

Since adopting Titan’s dynamic solutions, administrators at the Clinic no longer have to spend valuable time chasing information on incorrectly completed forms and missing signatures.

As a result, internal processes at the Clinic are more efficient, strengthening its reputation as a forward-thinking, patient-centric Fertility Clinic.

And that is how Titan gets it done -with our innovative and unique no-code solutions.

We can help your business overcome any challenge. Don’t delay – contact our team for a demo of our suite of products today.

You can reach out by visiting:

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