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Nonprofits Automate their Application Process with Titan

No one wants to fill out lengthy application forms. They want to be able to fill out the form quickly and then be done!

How can you ensure that your organization provides an intuitive application form you can send to your potential sponsors, so they’re more likely to complete the form with just a few clicks?

With a robust online solution, applicants everywhere can register more quickly.

Give your applicants what they want and leave the focus of your application form fields to Titan.

Nonprofits remove manual processes to increase efficiency in the Cloud

A life-changing adventure made possible with the Nonprofit Cloud

Our client, a non-profit organization, is making summer camps possible for children with parents in prison.

From rope swings to horseback riding and swimming, a week away at camp is a chance for these children to have fun, fellowship with their peers, build relationships with caring camp counselors, and “be a kid.”

The organization relies on partnerships with well-established Christian camp organizations nationwide to sponsor children of prisoners.

“We support children through sponsorships and connect our camping ministry partners with potential campers and churches to help us give the children hope for a brighter future .”

Camp Organizer

To make all this possible, our client required a simple yet dynamic camp application form that would integrate with its Salesforce.

Preparing our Children for the Future

The Organization customizes its Salesforce to build custom objects and integrations

The organization was searching for a solution that included the following:

The ability to create several custom objects to capture, track, and coordinate information that can be shared in real-time with the organization.
Handling sensitive data meant being compliant with strict government regulations. The organization had to be more accountable for data security and personal information privacy.
Current processes were manually time-consuming and paper-based, making it challenging to track applications.
Users must be able to access the real-time status of each application quickly and easily.

After being given a demo by the Titan team, they realized they could leverage the Titan platform to manage all of its requirements. The organization worked with Salesforce for Nonprofits and Titan to upgrade their sign-up process.

Custom Solutions with Titan in Salesforce

Although Titan has created some excellent new custom components to enhance your Saleforce capabilities in the Cloud, we are continuing to innovate and find ways to ensure that our users have a fully branded experience without leaving the Salesforce platform.

Look no further – Titan has a Sloution your business require

How did Titan’s integration with Salesforce help the organization?

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Streamlined the application and review process for the organization.
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100% seamless integration with Salesforce.
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Pre-fill data from Salesforce with no code to be written.
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All information collected is stored in one place, securely and in the cloud.
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The Administrators have all the needed data to process applications with significantly faster response times.
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Parents/Guardians can easily submit and track their applications and more.
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Supports parents/guardians in real-time with increased access to information as required during the application process.
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Titan helped streamline administrative functions and automate manual tasks.

If you want to create a higher-level user experience and improve the 360-degree view of your customers with more details in Salesforce, give us a call, and set up a demo with our exceptional Team today.

You can reach out by visiting:

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