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Legal – Titan’s Knowledge Center for Salesforce

Knowledge Centers are an excellent digital solution to improve productivity within your business. How can you make this happen for your teams?

Take a glance at our pros researched at Titan:

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Knowledge Centers provide staff with information, processes, and guidelines at their fingertips.
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Junior staff members do not need to pull senior colleagues away from tasks to explain business concepts.
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Material is always available online for learning and up-skilling.
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A Knowledge Center allows interns and graduates to get up to speed with your business processes faster than scheduling orientations over days.
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Allow your business teams to become cross-functional and learn skills from different career paths.

Does this sound like what your business needs? Then keep reading as Titan shares a use case from a law firm that created a website with absolutely no code to pull articles from Salesforce directly into its Knowledge Center.

Salesforce for Technology: The Business Problem

A prominent law firm specializing in the corporate and business sector had started to accumulate a wealth of knowledge regarding regulations, compliances, contracts, and legal solutions. Taking into account the amount of information and training that the staff at the law firm needed instant access to daily, the Executives decided that it was time to create a Knowledge Centre to assist their employees.

“We need an intelligent automated process that transfers our articles from Salesforce directly to a Knowledge Center.“


The Beginning of the Knowledge Center for Salesforce

After liaising with all the business teams at the law firm, the Paralegal handed over a list of requirements to Titan to start building a website with a Knowledge Center:

The law firm needs a website with a Home page and a Knowledge Center.
The website needs public and private sections depending on who visits.
The Knowledge Center needs to pull articles directly from Salesforce.
The Knowledge Center needs to have search or filter capabilities.
The articles must be available in multiple languages, such as English, French, and Spanish.
It would be great if our staff could download the articles as PDFs.
Staff members need a way to interact and provide feedback directly on the articles.
Staff members need to be able to raise cases on articles that they think are unsatisfactory.
Staff members need access to all matters that they raise through the website.

Real Time Titan Solutions

By turning to Titan to streamline their legal experiences, the law firm was awarded a modern website that presented a custom branded Home page and a feature-rich Knowledge Center.

Digital transformation for legal eagles

Driving Access Control

The law firm wanted parts of the website to be public to be accessed by all visitors, such as clients, and some parts required SmartV login, like for employees.

“Our Knowledge Center has a custom mix of public and private sections.” – Attorney

Building the Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center contains articles saved in Salesforce and has some nifty functionalities. Take a look at the Knowledge Center created by Titan.

Titan first pulls all articles to the Knowledge Center from Salesforce and presents them in a few filterable ways.

Titan then displays the articles as a complete list on the Knowledge Center. Additionally, a user can search for an article in the Knowledge Center or filter their search results by the categories in the law firm:

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Banking and Financial Services
light blue tick item
Commercial Property
light blue tick item
Data Protection

Unlock User Experience

When users want to drill into an article’s content, they are awarded a few options. First, the Knowledge Center allows users to read articles in different languages. Online visitors can choose to read the articles in French, English, or Spanish if they so choose by selecting the language option from an interactive drop-down menu.

The reader can create and download PDFs from articles via a single button click. A reader may also provide feedback on the article using interactive likes or dislike buttons. The buttons are dynamic, and if a reader clicks on the dislike article button, a drop-down menu pops up for a response.

Titan’s Knowledge Center for Law Firms in Salesforce

The reader can quickly choose between these pre-defined responses:

light blue tick item
The article has incorrect content.
light blue tick item
The article does not fully cover the content.
light blue tick item
The article is incomplete and has grammatical errors.
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The article is in-comprehensive.

“Apart from providing feedback, I can also raise a case on the Knowledge Center, which is related to the article I am reading.“

Legal Secretary

Innovation: Raising a Case

Raising a case is pretty simple! The reader clicks a single button that directs them to a web form embedded on a web page. The reader can go ahead and fill out the following text fields in their case:

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Subject
  • Description

Next to the web form, a list of recommended articles is displayed and provided to the reader for easy access. The list of recommended articles is intelligently based on what information is added to the Subject field by the reader.

Improving Efficiency: Raising a Support Case

A few more functionalities for the Knowledge Centre are connected to raising a support case (not related to articles). These functionalities are a clone of raising a case web form format and layout but are designed for cases unrelated to articles.

Aligning technology for law firms

Align Technology to your Readers

On top of that, the reader has access to their browsing history after viewing or reading a few articles. As the reader browses through the web site, a list of articles will be displayed at the top of the screen specifically for the user’s convenience.

The last thing we would like to share are the cases that were raised by readers. The reader logs into the website with an email address and clicks on the My Requests tab in the menu header. The reader will be able to view all their requests in a streamlined table with the following useful data:

  • Case Number
  • Date Created
  • Owner
  • Status of Case
  • View Case

The table is also shared between categories, so a reader can click between Banking and Financial Services, Commercial Property, and Data Protection, which will change the data in the table depending on which category the reader chooses.

“I can choose to close a case from within my table or add a new case by clicking on the + button. Too simple!”

Paralegal Specialist

Attractive Results with Titan for Salesforce

The law firm’s digital journey for the Knowledge Center has been successful and fully covered with Titan’s help.

Here are a few key results:

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Titan offered the law firm the best options to reach its annual business goal with Salesforce.
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Staff members are empowered every step through the Knowledge Center’s powerful filter features to find exactly the information they need.
light blue tick item
The law firm is ready to track any inconsistencies in articles with direct help from readers due to the Knowledge Center’s high focus on the user experience through buttons, feedback fields, and web forms.
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The power of following up on incorrect material is also given to employees with organized tables to ensure everyone is passionate about company goals.
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The law firm is excited to help the community and start its internship program now that they have a wealth of knowledge to efficiently onboard new staff.

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