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Keter was established in Israel in 1948. It is now an international company with over 4900 employees in North America, Europe, and Israel offices. Keter also has products available in 100 countries through leading retailers and has its own centralized manufacturing strategy with plants in North America, Europe, and Israel.

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Titan Enhances Customer Interactions in the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud for Keter

Keter: A Global Leader in Manufacturing

For over 70 years, Keter has been creating products inspired by how people live and designed to enhance the quality of life. The company is now the global leader in innovative consumer lifestyle solutions.

Keter invents, builds, and brings to market an extensive range of patio furniture, indoor and outdoor storage solutions, tool storage systems, and household organization products.

Keter’s technological innovation begins with design and continues to its production and logistic capabilities, integrating sustainable practices end-to-end.

Keter : Your Innovative Home and Garden Solutions

Achieving Business Agility with Salesforce Partner Enventiva

To leverage the customer experience, Keter collaborated with Salesforce Service Partner, Enventiva, a company that delivers industry-specific cloud solutions, advisory, and managed services.

Enventiva has enabled Keter to achieve faster business agility and digital transformation to optimize value and customer success.

Intuitive Technology to Enhance the Salesforce Customer Service Journey

Traditionally, Keter sold through retailers but wanted to create its first direct-to-consumer channel by investing in technology.

Since Keter’s DTC ecommerce expanded online, the company wanted to invest in technology to form a more personal connection with customers in the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud. Specifically, Keter needed to secure tailor-made contact forms to facilitate better customer communication.

The data needed to be shared in real-time with full integration to Keter’s websites and to the Salesforce Service platform.

For this to succeed, Keter required a robust and reliable solution that could integrate seamlessly with the Salesforce Service platform.

Titan provides Keter with a robust, no-code Solution

Keter achieves 100% efficiency in the Service Cloud.

To simplify the company’s business processes and improve user experience, Keter approached its Salesforce Service Partner, Enventiva, to design and implement a solution created specifically for its website’s user interface.

Enventiva created an intuitive contact form on Keter’s website, integrating seamlessly with Salesforce and allowing a 360-degree customer experience. Customers can now reach out for support or information effortlessly.

Administrators can add and hide data tabs in just a few clicks, which helps tidy up forms by making fields visible only when needed.

Keter has been empowered to dynamically retrieve data with data repeaters to connect to a standard or custom Salesforce object based on the filter criteria specified.

In this customer journey, success means cross-collaboration between Titan, Salesforce, Enventiva, and Keter to achieve faster business agility and digital transformation.

Enventiva your industry specific Salesforce Partner

Streamlined Results to Enhance Customer Experiences in the Salesforce Service Cloud

The road to success for Keter has shortened, with more robust results still ahead.

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Titan’s 100% integration with Salesforce provides Keter’s customers with a unified experience.
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The company has effortlessly streamlined expansion to global markets.
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The company provides consumers with a consistent and intuitive online customer experience.
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Keter has increased customer support with the Titan platform.

“Needless to say, with Titan’s powerful integration with Salesforce, we are now able to respond faster to our customers and receive valuable insights from the analytics, which would enable us to improve and optimize the customer service journey.”

Liat Kalaora-Maicas Head of Global Digital Solutions

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