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WasteXperts provides trash management and recycling solutions that reduce waste, save time, and cut costs.

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Titan’s Salesforce Forms and Docs to Drive Growth for WasteXperts

Think outside the trash – Reduce Waste and Improve Recycling!

WasteXperts, a company founded in 1992, is an industry leader in waste diversion and recycling management, assisting companies in reducing waste disposal expenses.

The company continuously works on perfecting the process behind waste and recycling programs, working on-site to manage all your needs.

With on-site management, WasteXperts are committed to providing triple bottom line (TBL) value to their customers and communities, where all their stakeholders (Social, Environmental and Economic) benefit.

The company’s mission is to be the market leader in waste management services in its areas of operation. It seeks to achieve this by maintaining the highest level of service and value to its customers, adhering to municipal regulations, improving recycling, saving maintenance time, and reducing collection expenses.

WasteXperts Mission
Preserving Nature with WasteXperts

Online Forms and Docs for Salesforce: The Key to Business Growth?

WasteXperts wanted to identify where the business could reduce paper-based work processes.

During its sales and operations activities, WasteXpert’s sales teams wrote down all the required information on paper, which would then be typed onto spreadsheets and manually uploaded onto Salesforce.

That was not the only time-consuming process for the waste collectors; each time they were at a work site, they had to take photographs of the waste to be collected, which were then uploaded and stored in Dropbox.

Most importantly, keeping track of the hauling tickets, schedule changes, and customer requests were also proving to be challenging.

In addition, in responding to customer requests for copies of the hauling ticket, the team had to search for the original document, which was then scanned and copied to be either posted or emailed.

With their expert-level system and technologies, WasteXperts knew there had to be a better way to digitize the processes to give customers the best value. Could Salesforce Forms and Salesforce Docs be the answer?

WasteXperts gets Titan’s Dynamic Forms For Salesforce and More

WasteXperts required a solution that would allow them to integrate with Salesforce seamlessly.

After an extensive search, they turned to Titan to help them build a solution that would migrate all their data and consolidate it into one system. This system would have the ability to send information to the clients and create valuable management reports.

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Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse

Dynamic Salesforce Forms

Within a short time frame, WasteXperts and Titan collaboratively created a dynamic form, hauling tickets, customized with their logo – fully integrated with Salesforce to ensure data security.

When a collector goes to a location, they can efficiently capture what type of item needs to be hauled and upload a picture of the item from their smartphones using our interactive fillable fields.

Once submitted, all the information is transferred directly into Salesforce, eliminating the need to scan paperwork manually and send files to Dropbox.

Reporting at its best

WasteXperts can view reports across their sales, marketing, and customer support efforts for an overview of how many items were collected on a particular day.

They can also segment their reports to hone in on specific actions such as date range, ticket numbers, and approvals, saving them the hassle of searching through piles of paperwork and endless manual spreadsheets.

Powerful Salesforce Proposals

Following a smooth and fast implementation of Titan’s web form builder, WasteXperts began to digitize its whole organization. Another successful project was to generate sales proposals with customer information for a particular property pulled directly from Salesforce.

Now using Titan, the sales team can fill in the online form containing all information on customers’ needs and then, from the office, create a tailor-made proposal that is dynamic and based on the field form.

WasteXperts and Titan have worked together to develop a fully automated system that avoids the creation of any manual paperwork from the point of order through to invoice and greatly enhances both operational excellence and customer experience.

WasteXperts on their way to Salesforce forms
WasteXperts – Service at its Best

“Titan has helped us to transform our business. By providing us with tools to efficiently manage every aspect of the business, Titan has enabled us to get off paper and automate our processes, making us look and be more professional in the way we conduct business.”

Titan provided exceptional results for WasteXperts.

Steve Carney Director of Strategic Initiatives at WasteXperts

Unlocking Better Results with Salesforce Forms, Docs, and a new Portal

Key Benefits in a Nutshell

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WasteXperts has digitized almost all its data using Titan, fully integrated into Salesforce, with access to real-time customer data.
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Overall, by improving its processes, WasteXpert experienced an exponential increase in Sales.
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The company has improved customer value and service with a significant increase in productivity.
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A fully automated internal process, with the ability to migrate and consolidate all data into Salesforce without any code being written.
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24/7 data access through an online portal that has an intuitive interface.
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Effective communication from drivers with detailed information uploaded onto Salesforce from their smartphone in minutes.
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Reduced duplication of data and manual data entries with improved data quality.
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Continuous upgrades to the latest software.

A Digital Future with Titan and Salesforce

Steve said it had been the best two years with Titan at the helm, steering them in the right direction.

WasteXperts’ current project is building a web portal with Titan Web that will help them further streamline their business processes.

Interested to Learn more about our Salesforce Integrated Forms and Docs? Why not read more on our Salesforce AppExchange Forms.

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