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Salesforce Education Cloud: Admissions and Enrollment

Education Cloud Salesforce for K-12

With parents, educators, and students now expecting a unified online journey, having a system that facilitates admissions and enrollment highlights the importance of having access to modern engagement tools.

Since Education Cloud for K-12 is student, educator, and family-centric, community schools can have a single platform to manage and support the entire learning experience, from Salesforce admissions connect to graduation.  

Are you curious about K-12 powered schooling?

Read our use case to find out how one community Elementary School teamed up with Titan to increase and streamline their Salesforce for admissions and Salesforce enrollment management processes.

Enhancing K-12 Student Enrollment in the Salesforce Education Cloud

Being one of the more prominent community schools in the district of downtown New York, this elementary school currently has over 2,500 students enrolled.

The traditional method of processing admission applications manually gave way to several challenges; one issue was the buildup of hundreds of paper forms that had to be uploaded onto Salesforce manually and filed in storage cabinets.

At times, it became frustrating as some parents were not completing the application forms with the necessary information or providing documents before turning them in.

Admissions are made easy with Salesforce and Titan

“The problem is real, having to send out admission forms individually took a very long time”

Admissions Manager

The Elementary School needed to provide new and existing parents with an automated admissions process making it easier for parents to apply online.

It was also essential for the Admissions Manager to find a way to move forward with reliable, real-time data that could be easily updated and shared directly in Salesforce.

Titan’s Best-Fit for Salesforce Education Cloud

Successful enrollments

Rather than have the admissions teams sift through tons of enrollment applications, entering the data onto spreadsheets and manually uploading data into Salesforce, the Admissions Manager was quick to recommend the Titan platform for optimizing Salesforce processes.

Integrating Titan for Salesforce with the company’s existing systems created an excellent opportunity to streamline the school’s admissions process.

For example, when registering with the Elementary School, parents must not only fill in a lengthy application manually, but they also have to provide the school with supporting documents such copy of IDs, vaccination cards, etc.

With our drag-and-drop conditional logic in Titan, the admissions team can identify new or returning students and customize their admissions and enrollment process. They can create and update Salesforce records with pre-filled data in a flash.

Admissions teams can now:

light blue tick item
Automate tasks and customize the application review process.
light blue tick item
Note which items are further required.
light blue tick item
Keep parents informed on the progress of the application.
light blue tick item
Request further documents from parents.
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Reclaim countless hours by reducing manual processes.
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No more wasting time on manual administrative tasks.

Parents are able to submit applications quickly, which helps the admissions team to confirm the placement of a student a lot faster. Once a parent submits their application, the data is instantly sent to one of the admissions officers’ emails. From there, the admissions officer can download and process it.

Download Applications on any Device

“The way that Titan integrates with Salesforce is awesome. We can now save so much time and effort. All the documentation is uploaded and categorized online, eliminating tons of paperwork”

Admissions Officer

An Excellent Titan and Salesforce Integration

In addition to enhancing the admissions and enrollment processes for students, parents, and educators, the Principal is working with his educators to get the most from their Titan integration with Salesforce. 

They now use Titan to seamlessly manage other processes, such as measuring student success, simple surveys, communications and family engagements, fundraising and grants management, and so much more.

The Titan suite of products that are most beneficial to them include:

  • Titan Forms – Create customized forms for the school with our no-code form builder.
  • Titan Web – Drag and drop to turn your ideas into an intuitive student web portal.
  • Titan Docs – The leader of the pack generate branded custom documents with live Salesforce data.
  • Titan Sign – Easily share, manage, and track the progress of e-signatures directly from Salesforce using Titan’s code-free signature builder.
  • Titan Survey – Connect with your students by creating a dynamic survey to gain valuable insights. A powerful no-code survey builder made for Salesforce teams.
Titan – Shaping the Future

Shaping the Future with Titan and the Salesforce Education Cloud

Over time, the educators at the school as well as School District officers have become attached to the many positive benefits of using Titan for Salesforce in their daily tasks.

The School District’s office experience with Titan also provided a seamless sync of their existing Salesforce org, allowing for enhanced visibility and communication with the elementary school.

Once the School District’s staff learned how to use Titan for Salesforce, they were amazed at how efficiently they could collate new data and gather accurate information from K-12 schools without leaving their offices.

If you haven’t done so yet, give Titan for Salesforce a try today and learn how we are reshaping the future of K-12 schools. 

You can reach out by visiting:

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