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Contact Forms

Lead Generation with Contact Forms for Any Industry or Cloud

Contact forms are crucial for collecting information from online visitors interested in your products or services. Go one step further by transforming this data into actual leads that are transferred and stored in your Customer Relationship Management platform. What is Lead Generation in Salesforce? If you are already using Salesforce, you would greatly benefit from all your potential lead data automatically collected…

Titan Forms for Healthcare

Reimagining Client Intake Health Forms with Titan

Successful businesses use intake health forms to direct their clients to a specific service or product they need. These documents exist as countless medical form templates and are used in companies to streamline workflow processes in the onboarding phase! Medical Innovation: Consider client intake forms? Client intake forms consist of various questions related to a client’s requirements….

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Powerful Loan Applications within Salesforce Financial Cloud

Toward a Better Future in the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud For over 30 years, our client, a well-established Banking institution, has prided itself in building lasting relationships with its customers. But with digital transformation evolving, the Board of Directors had to rethink how the Bank conducted business. The Chief Technology Officer realized that the Bank had to…

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Leveraging Salesforce Human Resources with No Code

Salesforce HR: Leading Effective Change When a leading digital advertising agency wanted a more organized system for managing internal HR processes, an employee self-service portal, they came to Titan. Below, we’ll talk about how Titan’s Employee HR Portal and other automated services benefitted this leading digital advertising agency by providing them with a no-code option to build…

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Titan’s No Code Student Portal for Salesforce

Every student matters; every moment counts with Salesforce Education Cloud Our world has undergone a major digital transformation that has spread through every industry, leaving almost no aspect of our lives untouched. Of course, the education institutions couldn’t stay immune to the effects of this ongoing digital revolution. Online apps and innovative tools have become an essential…

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Titan’s No Code Salesforce Web Apps for Freight Transportation

The Right Freight Transportation Salesforce Solution for You A reliable transportation company makes an effort to ensure customer satisfaction. Over the years, transportation providers connected with customers using phone calls, meetings, and emails however digital technologies have made a significant impact on this process.  Today, through Titan’s integration with Salesforce, shippers have visibility and access to important…

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Best Practice Tips on Titan for Salesforce: Picklists Made Easy for Quality Healthcare

Advanced Healthcare at your Fingertips Does the staff at your medical health clinic spend many hours manually entering healthcare information into Salesforce? Manually updating medical history forms, in Salesforce can sometimes be time-consuming. But the information filled in on this form—such as patients’ medication, health complications, and allergies, — is vital to their healthcare. Discover how Titan…

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Salesforce Leads: The Key to solving Duplicates

Salesforce Leads: Keep them Clean Lead generation across many ads and platforms can get messy. It is easy to end up with duplicate Salesforce leads. It happens all the time. At some time or the other, you have attended at least one, two, or three webinars. Once you sign up, your information is provided and autofill in…

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Salesforce Web-to-lead in 5 minutes!

Salesforce Web-to-Lead Form: What will I learn? A web-to-lead form for Salesforce can be set up in under 5 minutes. After following the simple steps below, you can set up forms in Titan , based on your organization’s data model, and push them to Salesforce in live time. Salesforce does have its own tools, but they it…